Stuffed Puffs now has a Cookies 'n Creme flavored marshmallow!

Your s’mores game is about to go places its never been, as Stuffed Puffs has introduced new Cookies ‘n Creme marshmallows just in time for summer.

You might be thinking “but isn’t a regular marshmallow good enough?” Well yeah, but imagine how delicious your s’mores will be with what the company calls “a fluffy vanilla marshmallow stuffed with smooth white creme and chocolate cookie crunch.”

Seriously, it’s the best news in the marshmallow game since they made the cute little mini ones for us.

Cookies ‘n Creme marshmallows will be available in stores like Walmart, starting this May, but the company is hooking you up earlier with orders on and Amazon.

“Cookies and creme has always been a favorite flavor of mine so I’m excited to bring that delicious combination to our newest Stuffed Puffs creation,” said Michael Tierney, CEO and Founder of Stuffed Puffs®. “The cookie sandwich pieces in the center add an incredible new dimension to our marshmallows, making this another technology achievement for the brand.”

And just in case you needed a reminder about how awesome the good folks at Stuffed Puffs really are, they are dropping these in resealable bags too. That’s a game-changer. Keeping your smooshies from getting that weird, crusty thing going on that we all ignore anyway, but would prefer not to deal with at all. Thanks, Stuffed Puffs for helping us out there.

Special thanks to Lauren Hoffman at Magic 98.3 for this story.

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