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Thomas Rhett’s new Country Again: Side A album brings him back to his country roots and also shows a more mature side of the young father of three.

As Thomas told us, his life changed quickly when he got married and started a family. He said, “When you have kids, it’s kind of impossible not to write about them. Your marriage shifts and your life shifts, and your free time is not free time anymore. So when I do have the chance to write, I want to write about something that’s really happening and says something.”

Rhett speaks directly to his three young daughters in the new song “To The Guys That Date My Girls.” He offered, “That’s a song to my daughters saying ‘I hope you grow up and date somebody that’s a good kid. I wrote it on the road, and I played it in concert the same night that we wrote it. And I was watching grown, burly men bawling their eyes out while they were holding their daughters, going ‘Please don’t get older!’ There’s a lot of dads out there that are wondering what that conversation is going to look like.”

For the first time on over a year, Thomas gets back on the road playing a series of shows at Billy Bob’s in Texas starting on May 6th.

Country Again: Side A will be released on Friday (4/30).

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