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Luke Bryan addressed a Instagram post from over a year ago, where he was mistaken for Blake Shelton and posted the mistake on his socials.

Jimmy Fallon brought it back to his attention when he appeared on The Tonight Show last night (4/28).

Fallon said, “You post this Instagram post that made me laugh really hard. Your quote was ‘I gotta work harder,’ and it’s a picture of you on some television show but underneath you it says Blake Shelton. That’s classic, come on you work this hard, you have how many No. 1’s, you’re like, ‘You think I’m Blake Shelton.'”

Luke responded, “That’s the former sexiest man alive right there on his couch,” then Fallon said, “Obviously, you must know Blake.”

Bryan then said, “Yeah, I think before I even posted on Instagram I sent it to Blake and I’m like, I mean my life is pretty much over after this point, I mean. You know Blake just chooses to go grey. He just chooses to like a silver fox, you know I got a lot of Just For Men and hair product.”

He continued, “I work hard on this. And I still can’t separate from Blake, it’s just a shame.”

Luke posted at the time, “I gotta work harder.”

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