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When Luke Bryan appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show a few days ago, Ellen asked about a rumor going around that he is Maren Morris’ “Baby Daddy.”

Luke laughed and explained he first heard the rumor from his mother. He shared, “So, I’m having coffee and my mother calls me, she goes, ‘I’m sitting here reading some gossip thing. It says you fathered Maren Morris’ child.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I do not need this today.'”

The rumor made Bryan pick up his phone, “So my current single that out right now ‘Waves’ was written by Maren Morris’ husband Ryan Hurd. And I shared it (the rumor) from my mother straight to Ryan and I said,  ‘Buddy, I think we need to talk.'”

He laughed and clarified, “I am not the father, we can call Maury Povich in however you want to go about it.” Ellen then jokes, “We have the test here we’re gonna give it backstage.”

Maren herself responded to the rumor on Twitter last night (5/4). She posted, “Thanks for clearing this one up @LukeBryanOnline @RyanHurd.”

Luke’s full interview with Ellen can be found below.

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