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Luke Combs has just written a brand new song called “Joe” and he shared it for the first time when he played the Grand Ole Opry recently.

Luke posted a video of himself performing it on Instagram writing, “‘Joe’ (Unreleased Original) A while ago, my buddy @theflatlandboy played me a song that he had started with a guy named James Slater. I thought it was real awesome, so we finished it the other day. I guess the title of this song would be called “Joe.” Let me know what you think.”

Combs starts off the new song with the first verse, “I got a job and my name’s Joe / I got a job at the Texaco /Never show up late / never show up drunk / when I get half lit I’m a loaded gun / Made a couple wrongs turns did county time / I did everything I can to stay between the lines.”

The chorus of the song’s lyrics include: “Got a couple good buddies that all drop in / say it’s good to see you brother, man how you been? / I can’t complain I’m doing alright / sleeping pretty good staying dry / I thank the lord every morning for a sweet amen / for how far I’ve come from where I’ve been / so here’s to good days and better tomorrows and a light at the end of the bottle.”

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