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Dierks Bentley has been back on the road doing some dates on his “High Times and Hangovers Tour.” As Dierks shared with us, it’s a great feeling to be back in front of fans playing music once again after over a year at home.

Bentley told us just today (5/14), “My voice is a little thin just from doing these multiple shows, pardon me, the gruffness… but yeah it’s a great feeling being back out there. In a lot of ways there’s a lot of different emotions…I’ve played all these rooms before so there’s just the general like flashback of ‘Wow, we’re back’ in some of these kind of iconic country bars.”

He continues, “And then of course all that happened last year, that’s going through your mind to, but for the most part able to block all of that out and have a lot of fun and focus on that show and seeing the elation in the fans faces and my band’s faces as well.”

Dierks adds, “It’s just been fun and I try to not focus too much on the circumstances of what has happened or is happening just going out there and try to keep it heavy on the music and just have a good time and we have had a lot of fun.”

Dierks Bentley