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It’s always going to be hard to make a George Strait songs list: he has 60 #1 songs, and a lot of his classics didn’t even hit the top spot on the singles charts. And the story isn’t over: he’s reportedly working on new music at the moment.

Many of these songs go back to my childhood and I have personal memories of several of them; some memories are from the first time I saw George Strait in concert, some are from listening to his songs in high school and I even have a custom memory from the one and only time I got to interview him in person (he’s notorious for not doing interviews so I feel lucky that I had one). Most country fans have memories to go with his music, of course.

These songs are timeless; at the same time, I got back that feeling that I had, the first time I heard each song. That’s the mark of a great song, and George has as many of them as any country artist, ever.

For Strait’s 69th birthday today (5/18), we’re looking at his 45 best songs, but let us know what you think of our picks.

45 of George Strait’s Best Songs