Fayetteville’s PWC does everything it can to make your life a little easier. Their new eBill is convenient, fast, and easy to enroll – just select paperless billing at PWC’s online account manager!

eBill is PWC’s free, secure electronic billing service that is environmentally friendly and convenient to use. You can view and pay your bill quickly and safely without paper. PWC’s eBill lets you get your bill faster and helps in avoiding any mail delays. When you sign up for eBill, your bill will be delivered to you as a secure PDF email attachment. Your eBill will have a summary of your charges, just like the paper copy you receive currently.

You can view your eBill privately, without having to register or remember any names or passwords. It also allows you to easily and quickly pay your bill using a link in your monthly email, with a no-cost electronic payment option. Sign Up Now.