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It’s hard to believe that Jason Aldean’s debut self-titled album is sixteen years old today (7/26), but there is no doubt that he has made incredible strides in his superstar career.

His debut project featured a couple of songs written by duo Big & Rich, including his debut single “Hicktown,” which made the top ten.

The album’s other notable singles are “Why” which topped the Billboard country singles chart and “Amarillo Sky,” which made the top five on the same chart.

Back in 2005, while promoting his first album, opened for Faith Hill and Blake Shelton, among others. Jason told the YouTube video channel “Sudzin,” “I think you learn something new anytime you’re getting to open for guys like that. There’s always something you can take out of it.”

Aldean also gives further details of the quick success he found at the time, which includes his Grand Ole Opry debut. He noted at the time, “I actually made my Grand Ole Opry debut about a month ago and um, which is an overwhelming man. That place and the aura that it has is unbelievable. They actually asked me to come back, so we just went back and played it for a second time which was cool.”

Jason was quite grateful for his Opry success at the time, saying, “As an artist, it’s the one stage that you wanna play on and for them to ask you back is pretty special.”

Jason Aldean