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Morgan Wallen’s interview with Michael Strahan that aired on GMA last week (7/23) wasn’t aired in its entirety, and GMA posted a one-minute video on the YouTube channel with extra content.

The interview was Morgan’s first since he got caught on camera using the N-word in February 2021.

In the unaired video, Strahan asked Wallen, “What do you want to say to anyone that heard you say this word, especially someone with your influence?”

Morgan responded saying, “I said this word outta ignorance. I don’t, because I said it, it doesn’t mean that I think you should follow my lead by any means. And I hope that all my fans, and whoever thinks that I’m someone to look up to, that they know that that’s not in my heart and that’s not something that I condone or that I think that they should be doing either. I’ve told a lot of people sorry to their faces. But I kinda just wanted to come to tell my story and let people know kinda who I am and how much I regret the mistake I made. I think I was just ignorant about it.”

He continued, “I don’t think that I ever really thought through it, you know. I don’t think I sat down and was, like ‘Hey, is this right or is this wrong?’ It was just my thinkin’ was off. I was flawed in that, and just the whole situation was flawed for me. And I’ll take complete responsibility and accountability for it.”

Wallen later added that he and his family were forced to move as they received lots of threats following the incident. He offered, “I didn’t know what was gonna happen. I got a lot of threats. My family got lotta threats. So I was concerned about that, you know, so I tried to get out somewhere where, you know, people wouldn’t know where I was at.”

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