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Blake Shelton is just plain fun to be around: he’s got a big personality and he doesn’t take himself so seriously. It’s the same when he looks for songs to record and take to the stage.

Blake told us about keeping his music catalog upbeat, “What’s the fun in music is everything so serious and has this underlining deep message you know? I don’t think when Steve Miller wrote ‘Space Cowboy’ that it was nothing more than, to me when I hear it it’s just fun. It just makes you wanna drink or smoke or whatever.”

He added, “I think you can overthink things and really take the personality out of a song by overthinking it.”

After playing a sold-out Cheyenne Frontier Days concert on Saturday (7/31), Shelton kicks off his “Friends and Heroes Tour 20201” on August 18 in Omaha, Nebraska.

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