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Kane Brown played the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in Cheyenne, Wyoming and he caught some of the rodeo action before his concert that night (7/30).

On stage, Kane shared his past with the full capacity crowd. He said, “I was watching the rodeo today and they just found out that I used to be in the junior rodeo. Where’s my rodeo people out here, you out here? I rode the hell out of the sheep, man. I promise you, I didn’t let go either.”  

He added of his time as a young rodeo kid, “The only thing that made me mad as hell in the rodeo was I used to chase the cow, they had the ribbon on the tail and I was six years old and they had these fifteen-year-olds that they put me up against. And I never won, I got devastated.”  

Kane shared his rodeo days with his beloved Nana. He said on stage, “I had so much fun, I miss going to the rodeo with my Nana and she just bawled her eyes out because for some reason she doesn’t think I love her anymore, I don’t know. I’m getting personal right now.”


Brown was just one of the many acts that played the 125th Anniversary of the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo. Eric Church, Garth Brooks, and Blake Shelton also played the rowdy crowd.    

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