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Chris Young’s brand new song from his Famous Friends album is called “Break Like You Do,” and according to Chris, it’s a different way to look at a break-up song. 

Chris told us, “It’s a sad song. This is one of those where it’s that breakup, and we were looking for a different way to put that into words. I was like, you know, I just I guess I don’t break the same way you do. You seem fine. I’m not. It’s a really interesting turn on that type of song.”

He adds, “Man, ‘Break Like You Do’ is a song that was done pretty early into the process of making this record. I think it was like, either at the beginning or right around the middle. It’s always weird for me to try to think about which order that all these songs come in because it’s been, you know, a four-year process making this album. This was just so much fun to sing.” 

Young’s new album Famous Friends is out tomorrow (8/6). He posted to Instagram with a tease video clip of the new stuff, “Famous Friends, my new album drops TOMORROW (no, not that one). I’m so excited this day is almost here.”


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