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Miranda Lambert loved the remix of her song “Tequila Does” so much that she got some friends together and some family and shot a fun video right on her property in Nashville.

The video shows Lambert dancing along with friends, her brother Luke and his husband Marc, and the two brothers of her husband Brendan.

Miranda said of the video, “This is my first remix of any song in my whole career. I knew it was right up my brother Luke’s alley so, I sent it to him to see what he and Marc thought. They loved it, and that gave me the confidence to put it out there.”

She added, “It’s so much fun, I thought why not invite my family and friends out to my farm and shoot it at my vintage trailer park. It seemed perfect. And Reid Long was my first call to direct this because he has filmed a lot of live stuff for us on the road, and I knew it would feel a lot like that – just capturing fun moments. I am so glad to have had my friends and family be part of it, and we had a blast!”

Lambert’s brother Luke said, “When Miranda played the remix for me and my husband Marc, we instantly loved it, so of course we jumped at the chance to bring our best friends to Nashville to be in the video. We had such a blast! By the end of the night, we forgot cameras were rolling. The tequila certainly helped!”

The clip celebrates happiness and Pride as the shindig included many of LGBTQ+ friends and allies, including nearly a dozen of Lambert’s brother’s closest friends, who traveled from Austin, Texas to join in on the fun.

Miranda Lambert