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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will co-star as the Duttons in the prequel to the Yellowstone series called 1883, and their bond will look quite natural as they will play man and wife in the new Paramount Plus show which starts filming in the fall.

This will mark the first time Tim and Faith have ever acted together on a project, but of course, it’s not their first time working together as they have scored multiple hit songs together over the years since their marriage began in the late 1990s.

Tim talks about how they blended their different styles, “Our style is different, the way we sing is different. I mean, she is R&B, just a soulful singer. But I think that there’s somethin’ that our voices together really work well. I think that there’s a sound that creates.”

McGraw can’t quite explain why his country twang and Faith’s soulful vocals work together on songs, but he says, “I feel like when we make a record there’s somethin’ that happens voice-wise, sort of like oil and water, that creates this sort of cool combination.”

Tim posted to Instagram about the new acting role last week, saying, “So excited I can finally share this… I’m joining the Dutton family in the @Yellowstone prequel, 1883, coming to @paramountplus! And my incredible wife @faithhill will be playing Margaret Dutton!!”

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