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Dan + Shay shot the cover for their new Good Things album in Joshua Tree, Califonia, and it was hot. So hot, that with all their clothes on — jeans and all — the duo jumped into a swimming pool as they were shooting photos for the new project. 

Dan Smyers told us, “There was a swimming pool there, and it was kinda hot, like a 110 degrees in the desert. We’re like, ‘Man, it would feel pretty good to go in that pool. What if we jumped in there, and maybe we could get a picture.’ It might be the thing. You think of all these iconic album covers throughout the history of music and they’re always just some random spur-of-the-moment unplanned thing.” 

He continues, “We got in that pool, and we dipped our toes in first and then, ‘What if we like put our jeans in,’ then we just kept going in further and further. Then the photographers, who were well prepared, maybe they knew there was gonna be a pool there, and they had this underwater casing for the camera, which still made me nervous ’cause those cameras they’re shooting with are like, way more expensive than my life.”

Smyers explained, “The photographer just jumped in in his clothes and went in, and he’s underwater shooting these photos, and we’re chilling in there feeling great. I mean, we are out in the desert, and we were sweating two minutes ago, and now we’re just chilling in the pool hanging out. It was just a magic moment. We weren’t staged, we weren’t set up or put a certain way, we were just hanging out, laughing, and having a good time.”    

Good Things will be out tomorrow (8/13). 

Dan + Shay

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