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It’s been 14 years since Luke Bryan splashed onto the country scene with his debut album, I’ll Stay Me, as it was released on this day (8/14) in 2007. 

The album produced three singles with “All My Friends Say,” “We Rode in Trucks,” and “Country Man,” all of which charted in the Top 40 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. “All My Friends Say” and “Country Man” both made the Top 10 at numbers 5 and 10, respectively. “We Rode In Trucks” reached number 33. 

“Country Man” focuses on the narrator, who is describing himself to a female, trying to convince her that she does not need a “city boy”, but rather a “country man.” To this day, the song is a huge fan favorite in concert. 

This is Luke’s only album to not produce a number one single. Bryan co-wrote 10 of the 11 songs on the album.

Tracklist for I’ll Stay Me:

1. “All My Friends Say”

2. “Baby’s on the Way”

3. “The Car in Front of Me”

4. “Pray About Everything”

5. “We Rode in Trucks”

6. “I’ll Stay Me”

7. “First Love Song”

8. “Country Man”

9. “Over the River”

10. “You Make Me Want To”

11. “Tackle Box”

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