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There has been so much speculation as to why Kelly Clarkson and her soon-to-be ex-husband Brandon Blackstock ended their 7-year marriage, and “sources” tell Us Weekly what went wrong with the relationship

Sources tell the publication that Kelly feels “extremely confident” as she waits for her divorce to be finalized. The source said, “The relationship had been on the rocks for a long time. She was the high-income earner with a wildly successful talk show and is the star of another hit show The Voice. Brandon was extremely jealous of it and made her know it.”

The source adds, “Kelly doesn’t take credit for her success but shares it with the team she works with. It’s just who she is.”

Clarkson earns nearly $2 million in monthly income, and according to the source, the talk show host grew wary “that Brandon was just using her for her money and lifestyle” before they called it quits.

The “insider” noted, “The marriage was really, really awful at the end. Kelly felt that she could no longer trust Brandon. She had a lot of questions that he just couldn’t answer. She just wasn’t willing to look the other way anymore.”

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