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For years, Dierks Bentley has been taking the plunge into icy water on New Year’s Day, now it looks like Dierks is taking his icy plunge on the road.

Dierks posted a video of himself and tour buddies Riley Green and Parker McCollum taking a plunge into a garbage can filled with ice.

Dierks wrote on Instagram showing a picture of himself shirtless along with Riley and Parker, “Big tough guys but they sure did a lot of whimpering in the ice….Anybody got some human growth hormones I can borrow? Maybe one of those t-shirts with muscles and a 6 pack airbrushed on it???!”

Parker reacted to the post writing, “hat’s cooler than being cool.” And Riley reacted by saying, “@dierksbentley let’s come up with some backstage activities that are a little less miserable.”

Meanwhile, Dierks and his openers had to cancel a recent show set for Stateline, Nevada due to firey condition, he posted, “Please go to for the latest updates.”

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