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Garth Brooks canceled the last five dates on his stadium tour, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t be performing live this year. He’s still planning on doing his “Dive Bar Tour.”

Garth said via Studio G last night (8/23), “What we’re going to do this fall? Dive Bars. Dive Bars. Dive Bars. Because you can fully vaccinate dive bars! People… have to have their cards to even get in, and the only way to get into dive bars? Country radio.”

Brooks did address the stadium tour being canceled for 2021, saying, “This is crazy. There are more people at a Garth Brooks concert in all these stadiums than there are for any sporting events because we get to use the floor, too. That’s a lot of people side-by-side. I hate to say it was the right decision because I hated the decision. It was a little tough.”

He added, “It was the right decision to make, even though it’s not my favorite. Why not delay it – postpone it? Because we cannot guarantee we’ve got a date in ’22!” What happens in 2022 becomes impossible to book dates and remember – this Stadium Tour ends no matter what in August or September of next year. Covid will not make this Stadium Tour go longer.”

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