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Luke Combs has been hard at work on his third album release for Columbia Nashville, but as he shared on his Insta stories, he had a bit of a hiccup.

Luke shared a video from his “man cave,” and while he didn’t go into great details, he did say that his home was damaged by the recent catastrophic flood that ran through Waverly, Tennessee.

One thing that could not be saved was his “fancy” vocal booth that was built into his home so he could record his new work. In the video, he shared that he and his buddies were recording just the same but had to make their own vocal booth, and they did so by streaming black Wal-Mart comforters up on two-by-four stands they built themselves.

Meanwhile, Combs released a new song today (8/26) called “South On Ya.” He posted to Instagram this morning along with a clip of him singing it live, “NEW SONG “South On Ya” is OUT NOW. This one is pretty special. I’m a big SEC fan and have spent a lot of time playing the college towns in the SEC, so the fact one of my songs is such a big part of the @secnetwork is an honor and full-circle moment. Hope y’all love it!”

The song’s title will be used as the overall SEC Network brand statement throughout the fall and into the postseason for college football, including being utilized in on-air studio programming and live events.

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