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Hardy took to Twitter to reveal the release of Hixtape Vol. 2, the follow up to Hardy’s collaborative Hixtape Vol. 1 project which featured 10 songs with 16 different artists. Hardy promises this volume will be a little different.

In the video post Hardy goes on to explain Hixtape Vol. 2 will feature 33 artists/bands and 14 songs, but the kicker is Hardy is only singing on a few of the tracks. He goes on to say “Now, I’m only singing on 6-songs but the rest of the songs are awesome and it’s people singing that are some of the most talented and rowdiest people Nashville has to offer.”

Rather than release the whole album at once, Hardy will release a song every Friday for 14 weeks until the entire project is out.

Similar to Hixtape No. 1’s release, artists involved in the project changed their social media profiles to the cartoon style photos similar to Hardy’s and it looks like they are doing that again. This time with Dierks Bentley and Matt Stell, who recently changed their Instagram profile pictures.

Stay tuned…