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Ashley McBryde and Carly Pearce have joined forces for a new duet called “Never Wanted To Be That Girl.”

Written by Pearce, McBryde, and co-producer Shane McAnally, the song is sung from the perspective of two women – the single girl thanking the guy who helped change her flat tire, who has a relationship with him, not knowing that he is married (he doesn’t wear a ring) and the wife at home realizing there’s another woman.

Carly explains, “Nobody ever thinks it will happen to them. You never see it coming, but there’s always an explanation. You know, who’d ever want to think that way about someone they love. Why would you? And so, that’s where this song started: the things you don’t see because you’d never look.”

She adds, “Ashley is such a great drop-into-the-moment writer, she was able to bring that reality bomb truth to what we were doing. She’s fearless, and she understands human nature in a way that let us both really write to the hurt of realizing we’ve been lied to by someone we’re intimate with.”

Ashley says, “Carly isn’t afraid to face the less potable subjects. As a writer, she’s willing to get in there and get very honest. Writing this song together with Shane strengthened our friendship and taught us more about one another and ourselves. Seriously, nobody wants to be the other woman. And when you find you are … damn. It’s such a gut punch.”

Ashley McBryde