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Carly Pearce heard about the two hometown (Taylor Mill, Kentucky) signs that were stolen recently that as we previously reported. She was, in a word, “pissed.” 

Carly told us while promoting and talking about her new album 29, “It makes me want to say the F word (laughs). Wow! I didn’t know that the other one was stolen as well. You know, it honestly pisses me off, if I’m completely honest with everyone. If this is a superfan and I hope that they hear this, just DM me that you want freakin’ tickets to a show.”

She added, “My town spent so much time and money to honor me in this way, and people are now not really affecting me, they’re affecting my town, and I am pissed.”

That superfan better be aware, Pearce has put them on notice, “If I ever figure out who did this, I will put them on blast because it is wrong. I will give you the tickets. I will give you a large photo of me for your bedroom if that’s what you need. But don’t steal from my damn hometown. I’m getting mad.”

Carly Pearce