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Garth Brooks will be setting various dates on his “2021 Dive Bar” tour and will be giving away 700 tickets to each show through radio station contests all over the country. However, more than half a million people have entered the contest to see Garth in Oklahoma City on October 11.

During his Studio G session on Facebook on Monday (9/20), Garth exclaimed, “Wow! Half-a-million! That’s awfully sweet!”

He added, “All I know is…show up…play…have a fun time. I don’t remember anything during the Dive Bars because it’s… just… nuts. It never slows down or ebbs. It’s just foot-to-the-pedal… I mean just all the way to the floor – when you start to when you finish. So much fun. I’m so looking forward to this!”

Garth’s Oklahoma City performance is just the first event planned through the year’s end. Brooks said, “Stadiums are officially out for this year. ”

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