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Nicole Kidman appeared on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” this week on Zoom video from a Las Vegas hotel room. She is in “Sin City” to see her husband Keith Urban perform.

In a fun interview, she shared with Jimmy the day Keith proposed. The couple has been married for 15 years.

Fallon asked, “Did Keith Urban just sweep you off your feet? When did you know?”

She responded, ‘He sat on the stoop of my New York apartment. I came out at 5 am in the morning, and it was my birthday, and he had flowers. And that was it. I was a goner. I’m like, ‘Yes I’ll marry you.'”

Kidman then said, “For a second there, I thought you said 50 years. ‘Hopefully one day, but 15 years, which is pretty amazing, right?”

Jimmy then asked her if she would ever do a duet album with Keith, and she said “No, no, no.” She offered, “I have this thing… just stay in your lane, right? I shouldn’t be trying to get into his lane. I’m fine where I am.”

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman