For many of us, this week is just another ordinary week, but for Canaan Cox it’s a big week because he’s releasing a new single on Friday.

In anticipation of the release of “Break It” we’re giving our listeners a triple dose of Canaan the next three days.

If today’s the first time you’ve heard Canaan’s name, get ready to be entertained! For people who are already familiar with his music, now’s your chance to get to know him better.

While we won’t claim to be experts (yet) on everything and anything Canaan, we spent over an hour on the phone recently chatting about love, life, music, and EVERYTHING in between.

Let’s dive in.

Canaan: The Music Artist

His path to Nashville was rather unorthodox. Growing up in a small mountain town in North Carolina, he was surrounded by country music, and while his earlier music had more of a traditional country undertone, his unique sound has evolved over the years and encompasses major pop vibes today. After graduating Catawba College with a musical theatre degree in hand, Canaan moved to Texas where he landed gigs at theme parks and cruise ships. While he undoubtedly misses traveling to places like Jamaica and Cozumel, and the security of a weekly paycheck, he was determined to take on Nashville and pursue a career in the music industry.

Like most artists, Nashville didn’t exactly welcome him with open arms when he first moved there in the fall of 2016, but he slowly began making a name for himself. Canaan admits that performing is only 10 percent of what being a music artist is all about — It’s the reward for all the hard work. And while he’s not quite a household name just yet, his struggle is admirable — As there’s no other alternative. His motivation is largely derived from not having a plan B. Music is it, it’s his passion. With an all or nothing attitude, he’s taken on several side jobs over the years to help make ends meet. He admits he’d rather struggle attaining plan A rather than entertain pursuing another career.

Canaan: The Family Man

These days, Canaan has even more of a reason to stay motivated and solidify his place in the country music scene as he recently tied the knot and became a dad. Like most people, the road to marriage was a little bumpy at first. During our interview, I learned that his hit song, “When It Comes To You” is about his wife. To date, it’s his most streamed tune — Undoubtedly because it’s a song so many people can relate to.

Everyone has that one person that they can’t resist, and even if they part ways, inevitably they both find their way back to one another. Canaan and his wife initially dated several years ago. From his perspective, he knew she was the one, but the timing was wrong. After dating for a couple of months, he broke it off after they both landed jobs on different cruise ships. Today, he chalks that decision up to being a stupid boy (his words, not mine) and worrying too much about logistics.

After the breakup, three years went by before Canaan heard from Kimberly. While standing in the kitchen making a protein shake, his phone rang. At first, he was hesitant to pick up because he was kind of in shock. Moments into that phone call it was clear, they hadn’t missed a beat. After the call, he wrote “When It Comes To You” in a coffee shop.

Canaan’s a storyteller just like I am. In the midst of walking me through the story behind this song, it became clear that “When It Comes To You” deserves an article of its own.

For the purpose of this feature, we’re going to drop the music video below, but stay tuned because we will circle back to the romantically cute story behind the song soon.

Check back tomorrow for another dose of Canaan Cox and be sure to stop by Queen Park Social on October 15 to see him perform on stage!