Yesterday, we wrote an article about Canaan Cox’s hit song, ‘When It Comes To You’ as part of our triple dose of Canaan Cox feature. Today, we’re giving our listeners another taste of his music.

While ‘When It Comes to You’ has a happy ending, ‘Stay Home’ walks us through the emotions of a new breakup, and the turmoil that comes with trying to get over a relationship. The song is an ode to everyone who goes through a breakup but falls back into old habits when they bump into their ex.

‘Stay Home’ is one of the first songs Canaan wrote based off an idea rather than a personal experience. And while the lyrics themselves may not be personal, the song resonates with him because it perfectly sums up his vibe as a country-pop artist. As he puts it, this song is what you would get if Maroon 5 went country. The lyrics may tell one part of the story, but the bridge reveals vulnerability — Undoubtedly, bumping into an ex can stir up feelings and can lead to a vicious cycle of hooking up and regret.

Watch all these emotions play out in the music video:

Stay tuned tomorrow for one more dose of Canaan Cox with the release of his new single, ‘Break It’ and be sure to stop by Queen Park Social on October 15 to see him perform in Charlotte.