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Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery is hometown royalty here in North Carolina! At the Big 95.7 KML we have been lucky enough to have him on our Stars & Guitars lineup for multiple years.

During our 2021 show, he serenaded us with a new song. On his latest album, titled Same Truck, he has an ode to his home state of North Carolina appropriately called “Carolina To Me”. It’s message is simple – when he pictures heaven, he imagines Carolina.

“To me, North Carolina is just a little piece of Heaven on Earth,” McCreery said about the track, “and I hope when I get to Heaven, there’s a little bit of North Carolina in it.”

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Check it out below, and then check out some great images of Scotty from Stars & Guitars!

You think pearly gates 
You think streets of gold 
And I think about them long leaf pines lined on Tobacco Road
You think skies of blue 
You think angels’ wings 
I think grandpa on an old creek bank and a Zebco 33
We all got our own opinions 
We all believe what we believe 
But everything that’s Heaven to you 
Is Carolina to me 

Here it is: Scotty McCreery – Carolina to Me.