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When Maren Morris was deciding on the first song to release from her upcoming Humble Quest album, she made the obvious choice: the song that kicked off the theme of the project. Maren told us, “I chose ‘Circles’ as the first single for this record because well, it starts the album. So it kind of starts this story. And it was just fun. I needed to hear that from myself. I think after coming off of singles like ‘Girl’ and ‘The Bones’ as precious as those songs are to me into my heart, they were kind of on the more heavy side.”

She added, “I wanted to do something light and fun and just to kind of drive around to and I think we achieved it. And everything that followed suit from the album artwork to the music video for ‘Circles.’ It just all reminded me of those kinds of pioneer days of me trying to get a record deal and a publishing deal in Nashville nine years ago.”

Morris just announced this morning (2/4) on her socials the next release from the album. She posted on Twitter, “Not everybody gets to leave a souvenir… the next song off Humble Quest “Background Music” out next Friday, February 11th.”

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