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What type of gifts do you prefer for Valentine's Day? Practical stuff like lawn care? Or maybe romantic stuff like dinner and roses?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I want to know what kind of Valentine’s Day gift you prefer? Of course, when you hear the words Valentine’s Day our minds unusually jump to the standard chocolates, roses and 7 foot stuffed teddy bears (who keeps buying those?!). But love languages are getting a lot of buzz and turns out, not everyone is down with the old stand-by gifts.

Case in point, instead of roses one year my valentine hired a lawn service for me to lighten the load on me as a single working mom. That gift meant so much to me! It truly was the gift that kept on giving.  That act of a service was perfect and memorable.

So, what kind of gift would you truly appreciate this Valentine’s Day?

Roses or your car detailed?

Chocolates or a gift card for a house cleaning service?

A giant stuffed animal or some handy man services?

That’s not to say you can’t be practical and romantic at the same time! You can certainly deliver a housecleaning gift card with some chocolate for a Valentine’s Day gift she will brag to her friends about for years to come!

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