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Kane Brown is celebrating Black History Month by talking about the country stars who came before him and blazed a trail in Nashville. 

Kane spoke with us about the late Charley Pride, “So my favorite song is ‘Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’.’ And I would say he’s helped me. And the stories that I’ve heard from other people like Darius Rucker, you know, telling me how hard it was whenever he was up there for the first time on The Grand Ole Opry stage. And a lot of people hadn’t even seen him (Charley Pride) at the time. Didn’t know what he looked like and he went out there for the first time as an African American and started singing.”

He added, “I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I heard everybody went silent. Then when he started singing, they just went crazy for him. So it’s a true legend if you asked me.”

Rucker wrote about Kane when he was added to “The Most Influential People Of 2021” list in Time magazine last year. Darius said of Brown at the time, “Kane is setting the bar so high for the next generation. I hope kids see him and now think, ‘I can do that.'”  

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