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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Maren Morris has released a new song from her upcoming Humble Quest album called “Background Music.” 

The song’s lyrics sing in part, “Maybe all we’ll ever be to them in a hundred years / Is three minutes in a car, in a bar, that says we were here / If that’s you and me, when it’s all said and done, hard not to see we’re the lucky ones / Not everybody gets to leave a souvenir.”

The chorus sings, “We got time but we’re only human / We call it forever but we know that there’s an end to it / You and I can dance our way through it /And I’ll love you till all that we are is background music.”

Maren posted to Twitter, “I wrote this about the beauty of the temporary, which is inevitably all things. The romanticism of eternity sounds nice, but I like to think I savor things better when I know I’m not entitled to it in perpetuity.”

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