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Thomas Rhett’s four girls are getting to ages where he’s not quite sure what they are going to say, especially his kindergartner Willa Gray.

Thomas told us, “My kids say stuff – and I know that they learn a lot of it from school, especially Willa Gray being in kindergarten. She’s actually starting to learn how to spell, how to sound words out, and I have definitely said things that I am like, ‘Hey, please don’t ever repeat that again.’”

Rhett continued, “But Willa Gray came home the other day from school, and I did something, and she said, ‘Daddy, that’s pretty unusual.’ And I said, ‘Where’d you learn the word unusual?’ And she said, ‘I don’t know, just some kid at school.’ And so I have a feeling that over the next few years I’m gonna hear a lot of phrases and words and sayings that I’m gonna be like, who in the world did you learn that from? And probably from a friend in kindergarten.”

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