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Garth Brooks, like many Americans, has been watching the 2022 Winter Olympic coverage every night, and with the games ending on Sunday (2/20), Garth talked about it in Studio G earlier this week.

Garth said, “You guys keeping up with The Olympics? So much fun to watch. And I’m lucky the love of my life loves The Olympics, so we stay up way too late every night and watch ’em, but I find myself wanting these people to do the best because God knows how many hours they put on this thing. And I can’t do that.”

He added, “I have no discipline whatsoever, so I’m just so proud of ’em.”

Brooks continued, “I’ve heard it twice…where they say, ‘I just feel like I’m lettin’ people at home down.’ You’ve got to be kidding me, man! You don’t understand, all the work you guys have put in and all the hours you have put in – stuff that I’m never going to do – and yet, you take me on the ride! I get to be an Olympian because of you. So, instead of letting us down, you’re kinda putting us on your shoulders.”

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