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As we previously reported, Garth Brooks says he’s going to get his first tattoo in 2022 as a promise he made to his daughter Allie. This week on Studio G, he gave some details on his ink plans.

Garth said that his daughter is “helping him out with it.” He also said he won’t get the tattoo at all if it hurts. Brooks offered, “My first thing is…okay, look – if it hurts, I’m out. I’m the biggest wimp. I don’t like spicy foods. I don’t like hot drinks, so. if they give you that numbing stuff or anything they can give you [so] that you don’t ever remember having the tattoo. I’m in.”

Garth also joked that he might choose a design or image that can easily be scaled back. He said with a laugh, “I think what I’ll do is I’ll have a ‘Plan B’ that if it starts to hurt, that’s what I want to go with,” he said picturing himself telling people afterward, “’See that speck? That freckle right there?’”

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