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Maren Morris talked candidly with Bustle about her love of marijuana and how she acts when she gets high.

Maren said, “I can’t write when I’m high. I wish I could. It’s just the way my brain works. I internalize everything when I’m stoned, and not in a fun way for writing. But I definitely have a good relationship with marijuana.”

She added, “I really wish the rest of the country could legalize it, and let’s all move on because it’s not harmful. It’s definitely helpful to me with depression and anxiety. I just use it to chill at the end of the day and go to sleep. I can’t go to parties [high] and socialize, but I’m jealous of those who can.”

Maren is releasing new music on March 25. She posted to Instagram of her upcoming Humble Quest album, “Been biting my tongue behind a smile…1 month till #HumbleQuest 🛣️.”

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