The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

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Sarah, with her dad Jim, and her sister, Katie, celebrated Jim's 75th birthday at Pinehurst Country Club recently.

The end of February marks a really special and important time for my family. Our patriarch, my dad, Jim, is celebrating his 75th birthday!

I truly understand how blessed we are as a family to have my dad and to have so many years with him. I know not every one is so lucky.

It’s hard to wrap into words just how important my dad is to me. His voice of reason is always in the back of my head, forever teaching me. He’s the smartest man I know and always reminds me that knowledge is something no one can take from me.

He will forever beat me in a game of Cribbage. And even when I think he’s cutting me a deal in Monopoly, he always comes out the winner.

My dad is steady. He’s my rock. I know I can turn to him for anything whether it be advice, car recommendations, investment opportunities, or just to shoot the breeze.

Like most fathers, he was tough on me when it mattered most. He taught me lessons. He pushed me to be better. He urged strongly for me to live up to and exceed not only his expectations, but for me to raise my own expectations of myself in the process.

There is no relationship quite like that of Father and Daughter. I know that no matter how old we both get, I will always need him, and he’ll always see me as his little girl.

One of my favorite compliments to receive is “You are your father’s daughter,” (even if it’s not meant as a compliment! HA!) And nothing fills up my heart more than when he says, “I’m proud of you.”

Truth is, I’m proud to be his daughter. I’m grateful for all the time I have with him. And while I know I won’t get 75 more years, I’m going to continue to be thankful for every day.

Happy 75th Dad. I love you.

Here's the Top 50 Tips For Making the Happiest Marriages

  • 1. Spending quality time together

  • 2. Looking after them when they're sick

  • 3. Feeling you can be completely yourself

  • 4. Letting them pursue their own hobbies and interests

  • 5. Seeing each other at your worst and best

  • 6. Having regular cuddles

  • 7. Being respectful to them in front of others

  • 8. Making regular plans together

  • 9. Being proud of their achievements

  • 10. Being silly with each other

  • 11. Exploring new places together

  • 12. Sharing the same sense of humor

  • 13. Trying new things together

  • 14. Always remembering important occasions

  • 15. Not making decisions for each other without checking in first

  • 16. Having a fair distribution of household chores

  • 17. Showing an interest even when they’re talking about something you don’t understand

  • 18. Forgiving their bad habits

  • 19. Doing things they want to do, even if you don’t enjoy it

  • 20. Saying ‘I love you’ every day

  • 21. Saying 'good morning' and 'good night' each day

  • 22. Listening to the other grumble about work

  • 23. Going on weekends away together

  • 24. Always making them a hot drink when you make one

  • 25. Not going to sleep on an argument

  • 26. Turning a blind eye when the other is grumpy

  • 27. Being prepared to watch TV shows you don't like

  • 28. Being nice to their family / get along with the in-laws

  • 29. Having a good routine

  • 30. Being forgiving if they admit to crashing the car or shrinking your favorite t-shirt

  • 31. Going out of your way to make one another laugh

  • 32. Being able to laugh about arguments afterwards

  • 33. Watching a TV series together and trusting the other one not to watch an episode alone

  • 34. Noting when they talk about something they are interested in or want, and treat them with it later

  • 35. Make an effort with their friends

  • 36. Accepting that sometimes you get a better night’s sleep apart

  • 37. Picking your battles

  • 38. Having weird in-jokes

  • 39. Surprising them with gifts

  • 40. Always praising them to other people

  • 41. Being prepared to share your meal when eating out

  • 42. Saying they still look beautiful when they're looking their worst

  • 43. Being comfortable with using the bathroom in front of each other

  • 44. Buying an extra snack or drink even though they said they didn't want it

    (Because you know they will want one when they see yours)

  • 45. Farting in front of each other without being grossed out

  • 46. Leaving nice messages for one another

  • 47. One of you being a voice of reason

  • 48. Regularly delivering tea or coffee in bed

  • 49. Playfully insulting each other relentlessly

  • 50. Always taking one another's side even if they’re not right