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Miranda Lambert called country music newcomers Lainey Wilson and Parker McCollum on Zoom to tell them that they were announced as the ACM’s New Male and Female Artists.

Miranda told Parker McCollum that he was the New Male artist winner. She said on Zoom, “I’m telling you that you won New Male Artist this year for the ACMs.” He replied in shock, “Are you serious?” and Lambert replied, “I am so serious.”

Parker said, “I’m like getting blurry vision right now. Are you joking? You’re dead serious? I Won?”

The native Texan then promised to share “a cold one” and a “toast” with him when she sees him. She added, “You’re representing our state for us.” McCollum replied, “This one’s for Texas, no doubt; this is wild.”

Lambert then gave the good news to Lainey Wilson, who, when Miranda appeared on camera, said, “This ain’t what I thought it was… I thought I was about to do an interview with some people in Vegas. I’m nervous right now; I don’t know what’s about to happen.”

Then Miranda said, “Well, I called to tell you some news, you my friend, are the winner of the New Female Artist at the ACM Awards this year. I could not be happier; you’re going to make me cry because I’m so happy for you.”

Wilson cried, saying, “If there’s anybody who understands the freakin’ blood, sweat, and tears, it’s you.”

Lambert then said, “I’m so proud of you, and when they called yesterday, I was like, hell yeah. I’m so happy for you; it’s awesome; you so deserve it, honey. You’re my fave, and I love getting to be friends with you, and when I heard that yesterday, I was like, this is so good. It made my heart happy.”

The 57th Annual ACM Awards will stream live on Amazon Prime on March 7, 2022.

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