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Luke Bryan made sure that he saw Katy Perry’s show when she played Resorts World in Las Vegas. Luke talked to ET after his ACM rehearsal this past weekend.

Bryan said, “I came in a day early to just be able to [see her show] because it’s gonna be really tough for our schedules to intersect. So, I mainly did that just to put a lot of pressure on Katy so she could come to see my show.”

Luke said of seeing Katy’s show, “Oh, I loved it. It’s such a different [kind of show]. The beauty of all the shows that are Resorts World shows is that they are all different for their own reasons. I haven’t been to a lot of pop concerts, but I mean, Katy’s show is just a visual delight.”

He added, “I’ve seen her show on her last tour, but I just love what she’s able to put together in the theatre. She’s really creative, really visual, and I’m a huge fan of what Katy does. Always have been. Now to know her as a friend and to be on Idol with her, it’s like sitting here cheering my sister on.”

Bryan recently wrapped his residency engagement at Resorts World Las Vegas, and he said he was really excited about how it turned out, offering, “It was great! I couldn’t be happier with how it all went. I mean, the show felt like it was one of the best shows I’ve been able to put on and perform. And I’ve also learned that I can live one month in Vegas without getting sent to the grave.”

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