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Carly Pearce learned the power of what a song can do when she was performing over the weekend in Albany, New York, at The Egg Performing Arts Center.

Carly saw her song “Never wanted To Be That Girl” in action as she looked into the crowd during the show and spotted two young women holding a sign. Pearce posted along with a few photos of herself with the impacted fans, “Meet Tara & Ashley. During my show last night, I kept seeing a girl flashing a cardboard sign at me, but I couldn’t read it from the stage. I finally stopped the show & asked her what it said. ‘We’ve dated the same guy for 2 years. You saved us!’ I immediately asked them to come down front so I could meet them & hug them. They told me ‘Never Wanted to be That Girl’ has been their saving grace. Goodness, the power of music… I know they felt understood through my record, but I sure felt like I wasn’t alone with my journey last night because of them.”

The song, which is a duet with Ashley McBryde, features the lyrics, “I never wanted to be that girl / I never wanted to hate myself / I thought this kind of lonely only happens to somebody else / Bein’ the other one when there’s another one / God, this feels like hell / Thought I knew who I was, but it’s gettin’ hard to tell / I never wanted to be that girl.”

Carly Pearce