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Kelly Clarkson isn’t afraid of showing off her and co-host Snoop Dogg’s mess-ups on their new show American Song Contest, which premiered on Monday (3/21) on NBC.

Kelly posted a video of outtakes from the show, which included her with an off-the-cuff “Woooo” and Snoop telling the show’s writers he hasn’t seen writing like this since the third grade. During the bloopers, Clarkson and Snoop can be seen hugging and laughing.

Kelly posted to Instagram, “We’ve got this… right @SnoopDogg?! #AmericanSongContest.”

She wrote on the video, “Here’s what really goes on behind the scenes of TV rehearsals.”

One fan reacted, “This was so much fun to watch. Snoop Dog and Kelly are a trip together.”

Kelly Clarkson