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Luke Combs’ wife Nicole likes to take fan questions on her Insta stories, and as the birth of her and Luke’s baby boy gets closer, the expecting mother took some time to set things straight.

While the couple has been tight-lipped about the baby boy’s name, she told one fan that he would “most likely” be named after someone.

Nicole also divulged her cravings, saying, “Fruits and sweets! I normally don’t like sweets, so it’s like I discovered a whole new world.”

When asked how she felt about bringing a new life into this world, she noted, “He’s going to spend a lot more time outside than in front of a TV, I can promise you that. I am pretty comfortable because I know my son will have good role models in his life. I can’t control the world, but I can make sure he grows up in a good environment.”

Nicole also said that with fame attached to the baby already, she’s prepping to keep a close eye on him. She said, “I’m certainly protective already, but it’s interesting because the opinions haven’t really affected me. It’s when people get aggressive.”

Nicole posted several images on her Instagram, including one from the couple’s recent baby shower. She captioned the photos, “~ recents ~”

Luke And Nicole