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Keith Urban made his twentieth appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show this week, and because the show is ending, it will be his last.

In the appearance, Ellen reminded Keith that when Dolly Parton was recently asked who she would like to duet with, she said Keith, and he responded to Ellen, saying, “She’s so sweet.”

Ellen then added, “She said you reminded her of her brothers. I don’t know what that means; if you’re plural people, you’re two guys or…” Keith laughed, saying, “That was so sweet; I think she just meant I come from working-class parents and a rural kind of background in Australia, and I think… The first time I met Dolly, she sang with me a few times, but the first time I met her, it was surreal because I grew up singing her songs. As a matter of fact, I sang her songs because I was nine years old, and my voice hadn’t broken yet, and I sounded like her; I could sing in her key.”

Ellen asked, “Can you do that now?” “No,” he says. Then he points to an image the show put up of him as a young kid saying, “That age right there, I was singing some of her songs.”

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