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Alabama bass player Teddy Gentry and Rhett and Link.

Youtube superstars Rhett and Link got a special country music gift, all thanks to legendary Alabama bassist Teddy Gentry.

First, we’re going to need a little backstory here. If you don’t know who Rhett and Link are, they are the popular hosts of “Good Mythical Morning,” a Youtube entertainment series.

Going back a little further in time, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal trace their roots back to Harnett County. They met in first grade at Buies Creek Elementary School. They did a number of entertainment ventures together, and then were roommates at North Carolina State University.

A number of wildly successful comedy and internet ventures catapulted the duo to Youtube fame. The flagship of that fame was “Good Mythical Morning,” the wildly successful morning talk show on Youtube, with 17.6 million subscribers. They also host a show on Food Network called “Inside Eats,” and generally stay busy. They are one of the most successful Youtube channels of all time.

Fast forward to a recent episode of “Good Mythical Morning,” where the duo announced that a key piece of their set decoration, a bass guitar hanging on the wall behind the hosts, was going away. Their friend that owned it had asked for it back.

Jokingly, Link said it would be great if they could replace it with a legendary bass guitar. “Hopefully there’s something special about the bass guitar, like it’s from the bassist from Alabama,” Link joked in an episode of “Good Mythical Morning.” They then made a joking request that if Teddy Gentry from Alabama was still around and wanted to donate a bass, they’d take it.

That led to the big unveiling on the May 18 episode, that they had in fact found a bass replacement. You can watch what transpires below, starting at the 13:43 mark of the episode.

During a web call with Gentry, he told the duo that his son was a fan of the show, and mentioned to his dad that they should do something.

“My son, he was telling me about you guys, he said ‘Hey, these guys have got more followers than you got, Dad,'” Gentry said. “And so I said, ‘Well I gotta’ get these guys a bass guitar.'”

And it wasn’t just any bass guitar that Gentry gifted Rhett and Link. Gentry said that Jeff Cook, the lead guitar player in Alabama, had always wanted Gentry to play a five-string bass, so he had a special blue one made for him to play.

“It’s the first five string I’ve ever owned,” Gentry said. “And I told Jeff,… I said you guys were wanting a bass, and he said ‘Well, send ’em the blue bass.”

He followed through on that offer, and Rhett and Link read off the note signed on the Alabama star’s guitar before hanging it on their wall: “To Rhett and Link, to the Mythical Mother Beast! Teddy Gentry.”

And if you’d like some interaction with Teddy Gentry, Alabama is coming to Fayetteville on June 4 for a concert at the Crown Coliseum. Tickets are on sale now here.

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