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Thomas Rhett posted a video on his Instagram of himself singing a song he had just heard and could not get out of his head.

Thomas posted along with the video, “This song was sent to me by a friend yesterday, and I couldn’t stop singing it. It’s called ‘country boys prayer.'”

The song’s lyrics include, “Every night I close my eyes and have a talk with God / I thank him for the day he made and everything I got / There’s a diamond on my best friend and tires on my truck / There’s legos on my floor, so I ain’t gotta ask for much / just give me coffee for the things that I can handle and a cold one for the thing that I can’t / Give me family give me time get to heaven when I die till I get there I’ll keep on praying this country boys prayer.”

Fans loved the new tune, including one that wrote, “Man, this just made my day!”

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