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Maren Morris appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show recently, and Kelly could not deal with the fact that Maren posted to social media that she does not like red wine and prefers white wine. So, she tried to change her mind.

Clarkson told Maren, “We need to get into something very important now, so a few years back you tweeted this, ‘Guys, I hate to tell you this, but red wine is gross.'” Kelly gasped, then said, “Then I came back to you online and said, “#Blasphemy I mean, maybe you haven’t had the right glass of Pinot Noir, is all I’m saying. This calls for a winery tour! Seriously, we have to fix this.”

She then asked Maren, “Have you changed your mind, do you like wine at all now?”

Morris told her, “I’m trying to get cooler with reds, but I’m just like a white girl.” Kelly said, “Okay, I would like to change your mind.” She then had an assistant bring out a table with red wine and said, “I just wanna have a chance. I am very excited about this; what are we letting her taste?” The guy says, “We are having a 2019 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir from Duckhorn,” and continues to describe the wine.

Maren says, “I like the words but in one ear and out the other.” Clarkson says, “Doesn’t he sound like he knows what he is talking about?” Morris asks, “Will it get me drunk?” to which Kelly replies, “Yes!” Maren then sniffs it, tastes it, and reacts, “Mmmm,” and Clarkson says, “Are you lying?” Morris says, “Okay, this is like the only kind of red wine I can drink pinot noirs because they are not gritty.”

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