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Blake Shelton posted a video on Instagram of him singing the entire song, “I Don’t Care,” which can be found on not one, but two, of his albums.

Blake captioned the video, “Back in the day, I wanted this song to be a single so bad I put it on 2 different albums. We never got to it, and I still regret it. Thought I’d dig it out for y’all. It’s called ‘I Don’t Care.'”

Carson Daly responded to the post, writing, “The Startin Fires version was better than the bs deluxe version IMO…but 2 things stick out- this acoustic version is killer & timing is everything. The story, lyrics & your voice hit home waaay more now than back then. Release it this way & see if 3rd time’s a charm.”

The song’s chorus includes the lyrics, “I don’t care / She don’t matter / I don’t love her anymore, he can have her / I don’t know why it slips my mind / I tell myself all the time / Guess I forgot again for a second there / That I don’t care.”

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