Sarah’s Wheel of Yes!

What will Sarah have to do next? Find out what crazy task the Wheel of Yes makes her do!

Sarah and dancing don't go together very well. But with the help of our own Gary Rogers - a former KML Junior Bootscooter - she's got it down now.

My dancing experience includes middle school musicals and making pretend music videos with my cousins to Spice Girls – but like, nothing in Fayetteville. There is no in between!

In fact, it’s a running joke around the office that I only know how to move my shoulders when a hit song comes on. My lower half refuses to budge! It’s not that I don’t have rhythm, I just don’t know how to move my body without feeling ridiculous!

Enter my friend and colleague, Gary Rogers – a former KML Junior Bootscooter – who knows perfectly how to make me feel at ease and how to have fun with dancing!

The importance of knowing you have 4-walls is paramount here! That’s big in just about any line dance!

Within 45 minutes, Gary got me from point A to point B! It was frustrating at times when I would misstep and get completely off count, but with Gary’s patience and teaching skills, we got to the final result! In fact, I can still recall most of the dance even after filming!

Take a look at how we got there in the latest episode of Sarah’s Wheel of Yes, and let me – Sarah – know if you think I’m ready to go line dancing out in the real world around Fayetteville!

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