Visit Stewart’s Stop-N-Shop at 6601 Elliot Bridge Rd. Linden NC, 28356 for ice cream that will leave you going “HOLY COW, that’s good!”

Stewart’s Stop-N-Shop was founded in the early ’90s by Bobby and Lena Stewart. After changing hands a few times, the family of one of the cashiers, Mr. David, took over the store.

Mr. David took over from 2019 to 2021, then had to step away from the store in 2022 due to medical complications. His family is now running it, all the while having a great family experience for the children to interact with the public, learn entrepreneurship, and just spend time as a family together. The family began to ask their community about the things they would like to see come into the store and they started praying about the direction of the store.

In October of 2021, the family visited the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte NC. The kids were really fascinated with it and loved the talking cow and dairy bar that they incorporated. The children used their creativity and the idea of The Holy Cow came to be, which is a pun on the words being a funny southern saying, “Holy Cow that’s good!” and by tying in the Christian aspect to create some fun ice cream flavors that were Christian themed. Think of a banana split being a Noah’s Ark with rainbow sprinkles and animal crackers.

In March 2022, the ice cream bar was opened with a great community response. With Mr. David’s declining health always on the family’s mind and wanting to do their best to serve the community, some changes have been made to Stewart’s Stop N Shop, but certain things always remain: Family, community, and Christianity.

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